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UAE - New Commemorative Stamps - JAFZA

Latest issue for the Jafza "Jebel Ali Free Zone" silver jubilee

4 (45 x 35) 20/sheet stamps were issued, with 4 denominations :AED 1, 2, 3, 4
Three of the stamps are showing the an areal view of the area and its growth since it was first founded

Here are some of Jafza Facts and Figures from its official website
Jafza is built over an area of 48 square kilometers. It ranks among the worlds largest and the fastest growing free zones. In its 25 years of operation, Jafza has posted more than 320 times growth in its number of companies growing from 19 in 1985 to over 6400 in 2009.
Situated between Jebel Ali Port the world’s 6th largest seaport and the upcoming Al Maktoum International Airport, the world’s largest cargo airport, Jafza is the only free zone in the world to be located between the two major logistic enablers. With a six lane highway Jafza will facilitate the transportation of goods (custom bound) from sea to air in just 20 minutes.Jafza is well positioned to enable its partners the fastest possible access to a market of over 2 billion people in South and West Asia, the CIS and Africa.
Jebel Ali Port is DP World’s flagship port, DP World is one of the largest marine terminal operators in the world, with 49 terminals and 12 new developments across 31 countries. In 2009, DP World handled more than 43.4 million TEU across its global portfolio

UAE - UAE Innovates


UAE innovates is a week long festival held annually during November to celebrate innovations across UAE

for more details visit

Technical Details
Release Date 22/11/2015
Type Commemorative 
Subject UAE Innovates
Denominations AED .3 
Size 35x45 of 20 stamps
Printing Method Offset Lithographic 
Printer Oriental printing Press -Bahrain
Quantities AED 3 25000



At Last an issue of my interest :) Braille

Technical Details
Release Date 15/10/2015
Type Commemorative
Denominations AED 3
Size 30x40 Sheet of 2 stamps
Designers Emirates Post Group
Printing Method Offset Lithographic
Printer Cartor Security Printing Press France 
Quantities AED 3  --> 50000
FDC AED 7  --> 1000

UAE - Development of Relations Between Kazakhstan And UAE


Release Date 28/10/2015
Type Commemorative 
Subject Development of relations between Kazakhstan and UAE
Denominations AED .3 x diff Stamps
Size 30x40 of 8 stamps
Designers Emirates Post Group in cooperation with kazpost
Printing Method Offset Lithographic +Gold ink
Printer Oriental printing Press -Bahrain
Quantities AED 3 50000
FDC AED7  1000

UAE - Key Strategic Projects of the president H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed AL Nahaym


The stamps showcase four major projects of the UAE:

  1. Etihad Rail was formed with a mandate to manage the development, construction and operation of the UAE’s national railway, which will link the main centers of population and industry of the UAE, and will form a vital part of the planned GCC railway network. The development of the Etihad Rail network is in line with both the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 and UAE Vision 2021.
  2. Masdar City is a sustainable, low-carbon urban development and free zone offering a high-quality lifestyle where people live, work, play and learn. A growing education hub, Masdar City is home to Masdar Institute for Science and Technology, a research-based graduate university. Over 250 companies are located in Masdar City, including the Middle East headquarters of Siemens, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) headquarters and offices of multinational firms, including GE, Schneider Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.
  3. Shams 1 Solar Power Plant is the largest Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant in the Middle East and was developed by Masdar, Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company. Masdar partnered with Total and Abengoa to deliver the 100-megawatt solar-thermal project. The US $600 million project took three years to build and covers an area of 2.5 km?, or 285 football fields. Shams 1 generates electricity to power 20,000 homes in the UAE and contributes to the diversification of the UAE’s energy mix reducing the country’s carbon footprint.
  4. Khalifa Port is managed by Abu Dhabi Ports, the master-developer, manager and operator of nine commercial, logistics, community and leisure ports. Khalifa Port includes the first semi-automated container terminal in the region and handles all of Abu Dhabi’s container traffic. In its current phase, Khalifa Port’s annual capacity is 2.5 million TEU containers and 12 million tonnes of general cargo. The adjacent Khalifa Industrial Zone (Kizad) is Khalifa Port’s dedicated trade and logistics hub, serving a range of logistics and manufacturing investors
(above info is from WAM)
Release Date                            30/07/2015
Type Commemorative
Denominations AED 1 (4 Different Designs)
Size 35X45 of 16 stamps
Printing Method Offset Lithographic
Printer Oriental Printing Press-Bahrain
Quantities AED 1 100000
FDC AED 5 1000

UAE - Women's Musium


Please visit : Women's Musium  , click on the link to know more about the subject.

Release Date                            17/06/2015
Type Commemorative
Subject Women’s Museum
Denominations AED3 (5 different designs)
Size 35x45 of 20 stamps
Designers Women’s Museum
Printing Method Offset Lithographic + Gold foil
Printer Oriental Printing Press – Bahrain
Quantities AED 3 125000
FDC AED16 1000

UAE - 50th Anniversary of 1st Crude Oil Shipment & 75th Anniversary of Concession Agreement

Both the
50th Anniversary of 1st Crude Oil Shipment
75th Anniversary of Concession Agreement

Release Date
Type Commemorative
Subject 50th Anniversary of 1st Crude Oil Shipment
75th Anniversary of Concession Agreement
Denominations AED3
Size 35.37x45of16stamp
Designers Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Petroleum Operations Ltd. (ADCO) 
Printing Method Offset Lithographic
Printer Cartor Security Printing press – France
Quantities AED3 50000
FDC AED4 1000

UAE - Sharjah Arab tourism Capital 2015


 Emirates Post, in collaboration with the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA), has issued commemorative stamps.that celebrate the honour given to the emirate of Sharjah by being named Capital of Arab Tourism for 2015.
it testifies Sharjah’s unique tourism product that has been growing in reputation at the local, regional and international levels over the past decade. This award is even more significant considering that the Emirate is just closing the curtain on the award of Capital of Islamic Culture 2014 presented by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.
Sharjah was conferred the title of Arab Tourism Capital for 2015 during the 15th session of the Council of Arab Ministers of Tourism in Cairo on October 18 of 2012.

Release Date
Type Commemorative
Subject Sharjah Arab tourism Capital
Denominations AED3
S. Sheet AED 10
Size 35x45of 16stamp
Design Sharjah commerce and tourism development authority
Printing Method Offset Lithographic +gold ink
Printer Oriental Printing Press –kingdom of Bahrain
Quantities AED3 25000
S. Sheet AED 10 3500
FDC AED4 1000
FDC ( S. Sheet ) AED 11 500

UAE - History of Civil Aviation in Abu Dhabi


Personally,  I did not like this issue , in comparison with the one issued for Dubai's Civil Aviation.

Release Date 31-12-2014
Type Commemorative 
Subject History of Civil Aviation in Abu Dhabi
Denominations AED1 ,  1.50 FILS  
Size 60X32 mm sheet of 15 stamps.
Designers Abu Dhabi Airports
Printing Method Offset Lithographic
Printer Oriental Printing press – Kingdom of Bahrain
Quantities AED 1      25000
Fils 150  25000
FDC AED 3.5    1000

UAE - The First Currency of United Arab Emirates


History of Money used in UAE is very long, lots of different currencies were used in the country till 2013 when the UAE Dirham was first issued. the stamps shows these pcs of money, i feel the full sheet is a piece if art. 

Release Date 25-12-2014
Type Commemorative 
Subject The First Currency of United Arab Emirates
Denominations AED1, 1.50FILS  AED2, AED3 ,AED4
Size 35X50mm sheet of 6stamps.
40x40mm diameter in sheets of 6 stamps.
Printing Method Offset , embossing  gold foil & silver ,  Self adhisive.
Printer Cartor Security Printers - France
Quantities AED 1      75000
Fils 150  75000
AED 2      50000
AED 3      50000
AED 4      50000
FDC - ( coin stamps) AED 8.5    1000
FDC ( BankNote Stamps) AED 19    1000



A beautiful set of stamps issued to commemorate the history of the Dubai's Civil aviation, it is indeed a remarkable one indeed, I preferred to post the FDC because I found it beautiful

Release Date 7/12/2014
Kind Commemorative 
Subject History of civil aviation in Dubai
Denominations AED1 AED3 AED5
Size 60X35 of 15 stamps
Designers Dubai civil aviation authority.
Printing Method Offset lithographic 
Printer Oriental printing press-kingdom of Bahrain.
Quantities AED1 25000
AED3 25000
AED5 25000

AED10 1000

UAE Commemorative - UAE 43 National Day


Well this is an annual issue, the National Day,  on 02/12/2014 called " Spirit Of The Union"

Release Date: 2/12/2014
Kind: Commemorative 
Subject: National Day 43 United Arab emirates
Denominations: AED1
Size: 35X45 of 12 stamps
Printing Method Offset lithographic embossing
Printer: Oriental printing press-kingdom of Bahrain.
Quantities: AED1 -  25000
FDC: AED2 -  1000

UAE - Commemmorative Flag Day

Flag Day
Raise It High Raise It Proud 

Flag Day in UAE is on November the 3rd  it  marks the day Sheikh Khalifa became UAE President and the Flag Day initiative was started on that date last year by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai.

Technical Details

Release Date
Flag Day
30x40 of 16stamp
Emirates Post Group
In cooperation with ministry of culture &community development
Printing Method
Offset Lithographic
+embossing +gold foil
Oriental Printing Press –Kingdom of Bahrain
AED 3 -       25000
AED 4 - 1000


Founder of the UAE
Father of the UAE
Died 10 years ago, yet still alive in all of the Emarati's heatrs


Emirates Post  in assossiation with Khalifa Bin Zayed Foundation issued this stamp 
Below are the technical details : 

Release Date
Zayed Humanitarian Day
30x40 of 25 stamp
Emirates Post Group in Cooperation With Khalifa Bin Zayed Foundation
Printing Method
Offset Lithographic
Oriental Printing Press-Kingdom of Bahrain
AED 1     50 000
AED 2       1000

UAE - Commemorative Union Supreme Court


In the 40th anniversary of  UAE Union Supreme Court, Emirates Post issued these stamps.

Although it is one issue/ one denomination but they come in the four colors of the UAE flag, actually the sheet forms a flag  puzzle.

Denomination AED 1 x 4 stamps.

Printing Method Offset Lithographic
Quantities   2700 00
FDC  AED 5 1000

UAE- Sharjah Islamic culture capital


This issue is to commemorate  Sharjah being named the Islamic Culture Capital of the Arab Region for 2014.
want to know more about it , pls click here Sharjah Islamic Cultre Capital ( Click here)
Sharjah is one of the 7th Emirates that forms the United Arab Emirates

Release Date: 15-April - 2014
Denominations AED 3
16 Stamps 30x40 mm /Sheet

UAE - Anniversary of accession of H.H.Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum


Beautiful issue for the crown prince of Dubai

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