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I am looking for Braille .. (Blinds) stamps..or Coins..Bank Notes ... Cards...., Also looking for World Fair or World Expo Stamps, from any country of any year email me:

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Hi ...Glad you found my humble blog ...I am from the United Arab Emirates , collect Mint stamps, Covers Depends on the topic, Mini and S.sheets... I have some favorite subjects /themes, World Expo, anime / cartoon characters ( future boy Conan, Garfield, hello kitty, Inuyasha..etc), cats, culture and tradition such as costumes or traditional instruments, old phones, landscape scenes, commemorative stamps, Disney, Movies (Star Wars, Batman, Lord of the rings) stamps with stamps pics or money on them, Some historical stamps, I also like stamps with old paintings...and I do not know why but I like stamps with dugong!! yet I wont say no to any you wish to share with me .. care for a cover from UAE? Leave your email address in the Chat Box please:) I am posting covers that I have, (some of which are extra and have doubles.. I will also be posting some articles, information,or thoughts. To make it easy to go through the blog, if you are interested in viewing UAE Stamps , on the right side menu click on "UAE ISSUE", you can always know what stamps I have for swap by clicking on AVAILABLE FOR EXCHANGE. interested to view covers/post cards I received from various countries they always start with "From country name "

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I would highly appreciate it if we could swap covers , with this cancellation date 1.4.16 that is 1st of April ... gonna be my B. Day :)

UAE - Ghaf Tree released 31 March 2011

The ghaf (Prosopis cineraria) grows in the desert regions of south-eastern Arabia, as well as in Iran, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. For centuries it has been an essential food source, as well as a source of fuel, shelter and medicine. Its leaves were once used instead of rice, its elongated pods provide fodder for animals which in turn supply milk, butter, cheese and meat. The ghaf woodlands also support large populations of insects, which in turn provide food for reptiles, birds and small mammals. This sturdy, evergreen tree can withstand prolonged drought and high salinity, tapping water deep in the sands. The existence of ghaf in an area indicates the presence of groundwater. But mounting developmental and demographic pressures are contributing to the tree's decline as ghaf woodlands are being cleared and groundwater over-extracted; depriving the trees of the little water they need to survive.

Emirates Post have issued the followings:

Release Date: 31. Mar.2011
The stamp Denominations : AED 1
Size: 36 x 36 mm

Printing Method: Offset
Souvenir Sheet's is AED 40 "
with Embroidering & Seed"

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