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I am looking for Braille .. (Blinds) stamps..or Coins..Bank Notes ... Cards...., Also looking for World Fair or World Expo Stamps, from any country of any year email me:

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Hi ...Glad you found my humble blog ...I am from the United Arab Emirates , collect Mint stamps, Covers Depends on the topic, Mini and S.sheets... I have some favorite subjects /themes, World Expo, anime / cartoon characters ( future boy Conan, Garfield, hello kitty, Inuyasha..etc), cats, culture and tradition such as costumes or traditional instruments, old phones, landscape scenes, commemorative stamps, Disney, Movies (Star Wars, Batman, Lord of the rings) stamps with stamps pics or money on them, Some historical stamps, I also like stamps with old paintings...and I do not know why but I like stamps with dugong!! yet I wont say no to any you wish to share with me .. care for a cover from UAE? Leave your email address in the Chat Box please:) I am posting covers that I have, (some of which are extra and have doubles.. I will also be posting some articles, information,or thoughts. To make it easy to go through the blog, if you are interested in viewing UAE Stamps , on the right side menu click on "UAE ISSUE", you can always know what stamps I have for swap by clicking on AVAILABLE FOR EXCHANGE. interested to view covers/post cards I received from various countries they always start with "From country name "

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I would highly appreciate it if we could swap covers , with this cancellation date 1.4.16 that is 1st of April ... gonna be my B. Day :)

UAE - Al Bidyah Mosque 2011

The Al Bidyah Mosque is the oldest worship place in the United Arab Emirates and is a popular stopping off place for residents and tourists.Women as well as men can visit although it is advisable for women to take a scarf or similar covering for the head and shoulders.Take some time to see the castle above the mosque. This is an important archaeological site in the UAE.ConstructionAl Bidyah Mosque is built of stone and mud bricks and is coated in many layers of whitewashed plaster.Architecturally, Al Bidya Mosque is unique in the UAE and the engineering features are considered a major accomplishment for the period of construction. Its distinctive roof with its four pointed domes is supported by an internal pillar and is unusual for religious architecture in the region.The prayer has a small mihrab (the niche in the wall that indicates the direction of Mecca) and a simple minbar (the pulpit which is usually situated to the right of the mihrab and consists of a raised platform reached by a set of steps).HistoryAccording to a radiocarbon analysis, the date of the construction of the Al Bidyah Mosque is thought to be as early as 1446 AD. The mosque is named after the town in which it is located and it is also known as the Ottoman Mosque, after the man who built it.LocationAl Bidya is approximately 35 kms north from Fujairah city before one gets to Fujairah’s Al Aqqah hotels and beach resorts
Source: Fujairah in focus

Release Dated==>27/08/2011
Denominations ==> AED 1, 150 Fils
Souvenir Sheet==> AED 15
Size==> 40.6 x 29.8 mm

Printing Method==>Offset

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